Wednesday, January 30, 2013


My Daily Routine is a really hard routine..
i called this routine as,


Sure i love these girls.. their my biggest Inspiration ever!!

well, everyday in the morning.. i will have a Shake..
(this is in my liquid diets)
And then i  will be works out a 'Victoria Secret's 10 minutes works out', you can type it in Youtube..
its really simple and really take a little of time since that i have a very pack schedule for a whole week..

i will wake up in 6.30am and works out.. but firstly i will do a spanks and butterfly legs workout so i can concentrate on the Abs and the inner tights..  (of course we have to warm up first)
and then, i will go to the VS' workout.. 

I have a bulky tights so i am more concern about that parts..

In this VS' workout, its more  about the tights, Abs and the butt.. as we can see, a VS' models are having a very cute and tone legs and abs.. when i have this workout first, its really good and i can feel its burn my tights and abs.. so i suggest this to us!!

i do this workout at the morning and the evening.. 
FYI, exercise in the morning will burn out more fat than in the evening..
thats why its really works to do this whole thing in the morning..
i feel so great when feels the burns!!

After that, i will have a carrot soup for lunch and some yogurt.. 
for a dessert, i will have apples or oranges..
For dinner, i will have a Chicken soup, (without a chicken) and some vegetables.. and a water..

I have practice this diet for three days.. and manages to prevents a binge!! YEEAAYY!!

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